For Fans

Unfortunately, the only way for us to link you to an artist is by using the location of both parties while they are on the app. We decided it to make it this way so that only the people that are at the event are given access to request songs.

If your song is not played, you will not be charged. However, if you plan to leave before the band is done playing, make sure to cancel your request.

Maybe. Some bands allow custom requests, but it is up to their discretion to have this feature turned on.

Each song has a request price and the queue is sorted from highest paid to lowest paid request amount, so we give you the option to have your song heard next by boosting it to the top.

For Artists

When a fan requests a song from your list of songs, it will be added to the “Requests Page” and you can either accept or deny the request. Once accepted, it will be added to the queue and once you start playing it, press the play button and the done button next to it when you are finished. The request list is in order of highest paid to lowest paid.

Go to the withdrawals page and choose how you would like to withdrawal the money (PayPal or personal bank). Fill out the necessary information and then initiate the transfer of your account balance.

You could just accept tips if you didn’t want to accept song requests. However, if you still wanted to but you don’t want to add songs to your profile, make sure that you have the custom request toggled on, so you can still take requests. We recommend adding songs to your profile to give people in the crowd choices. The 80s were a long time ago!

No. You can click the “Go Live” Button the dashboard to instantly start an event.

Members of an event can be added ahead of time if an event is created or at the time you decide to “Go Live”. Each member would have to have an account set up. The balance from the event will be evenly distributed among each of the people added to the event.

Press the “Finish” button at the top right and it will take you to the event summary. Forgot to click finish? We set up the events to time out and automatically complete after 4 hours of your event start or last accepted song request.

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